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3dbookAre you grieving the loss of your unborn child? Not knowing what to do or say to make the pain go away? It’s time to seek help.

Having experienced six miscarriages, author Kristy Parisi understands the pain and grief of losing an unborn child. Packed with compelling personal stories and actionable advice, Miscarriage Mom offers heartfelt insight into the unforeseen realities surrounding miscarriage and suggests ways to cope.

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I wish I had of read this book sooner. Miscarriage Mom truly helped me process my feelings of loss and guilt after my miscarriage. It’s nice to know that you’re not alone.”


In this genuine and heartfelt book Kristy Parisi offers real advice on the everyday issues that arise following pregnancy loss. If you or someone you know has experienced the pain of miscarriage, this book is a must read.”


Such a helpful book. I have passed it on and it’s been re-gifted several times. It has areas to jot down notes, I did those in a notepad. I loved that I could read it in an afternoon, (I am by no means a fast reader) helped me through the process, and was quite practical. Perfect to gift to anyone that has lost a baby.”


This book hit the spot! I have had two miscarriages and struggling with infertility. My journey is not over but books like this help me cope and not feel alone.”


I am glad this author shared her story after experiencing six miscarriages. The book is a quick read and has some helpful healing tips.”


As a friend of many amazing miscarriage mom’s I wish I had this information sooner. Never again will they grieve alone. This book not only provides advice for those that have just lost their Angel baby, but also advice for the family and friends of those who will help them through their loss. Thank you for writing this insightful book.”


This book is so honest, raw, powerful and from the heart. Even if you have not experienced a miscarriage, it is worth the read.”